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Co-op Kakemizu Building 2F West

Naka-mama 57-56

Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture


Telephone: (留守番電話の時もあります. 電話番号とメッセージをお願いします。)

(088) 825-4983



おばはんが付いてない Obachan (Old Lady) not included.


The nearest train station is Engyoji (円行寺). From there walk north about 10 or 15 minutes through the charming Mama Shopping Arcade. The arcade has all sorts of cafes, barbers and beauty salons, several banks, docomo, a nice eyeglass shop (I got my beauties there for 4000 yen), a great big bicycle shop (ah, but you rode a train!), a farmers market, ramen, and so on. Most outstanding perhaps are the big, two story Daiso (100yen shop) and the handmade udon restaurant. Not to mention the biggest Tsutaya video shop on Shikoku and a large Sunnymart. (And TOM SMOOTHIE!)

If you don't want to walk, we keep a special "A-Ok Bicycle" at the train station. Let us know you are coming, we will tell you the combination and you can borrow it.